Antioxidant factors in plant foods and selected oilseeds.

January 1, 2000 Human Health and Nutrition Data 0 Comments

Antioxidant factors in plant foods and selected oilseeds.

Year: 2000
Authors: Shahidi, F.
Publication Name: BioFactors
Publication Details: Volume 13; Pages 179–185.


The effect of dietary factors on health promotion and disease prevention has been an issue of interest since antiquity and has become a subject of renewed research activity in recent years. Many of the components involved are antioxidative in nature and include phenolic compounds. These phenolics exist in the free, esterified, glycosylated and polymeric forms. Scrutiny of the source materials, their subsequent extraction under optimized conditions and evaluation of activity, followed by fractionation and structure elucidation of active components is generally necessary. Meals obtained from oilseeds, such as canola, mustard, flax, borage, and evening primrose, after oil extraction, contained a variety of antioxidative factors. The antioxidative effect of source materials, their extracts or fractions thereof, depended on the seed type, the content and chemical nature of their active components. Author's Abstract.

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