CDC Triffid transgenic flax.

January 1, 1997 Human Health and Nutrition Data 0 Comments

CDC Triffid transgenic flax.

Year: 1997
Authors: McHughen, A.G., Rowland, G.G., Holm, F.A., Bhatty, R.S., Kenaschuk, E.O.
Publication Name: Can. J. Plant Sci.
Publication Details: Volume 77; Pages 641–643.


CDC Triffid is a transgenic sulfonylurea herbicide resistant cultivar with agronomic features similar to NorLin. It is intended to provide a sustainable, broadleaf cropping option to summerfallowing or continuous cropping to cereals in soils previously treated with residual sulfonylurea herbicides. CDC Triffid flax was developed at the Crop Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan. Author's Abstract.

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