Effect of Flaxseed and Wheat Bran on Serum Hormones and Lignan Excretion in Premenopausal Women

January 1, 2003 Human Health and Nutrition Data 0 Comments

Effect of Flaxseed and Wheat Bran on Serum Hormones and Lignan Excretion in Premenopausal Women

Year: 2003
Authors: Frische, E.J., Hutchins, A.M., Martini, M.C., Thomas, W., Slavin, J.L.
Publication Name: J. Am. Coll. Nutr.
Publication Details: Volume 22; Pages 550–554.


Objective: To examine the effects of flaxseed consumption (a lignan-rich plant food) alone and in combination with wheat bran on serum hormones and urinary lignan excretion in premenopausal women. Methods: Sixteen subjects were studied for four feeding treatments lasting two menstrual cycles each in a randomized, crossover design. During each treatment, subjects consumed their habitual diets  supplemented with baked goods containing no flaxseed or wheat bran, 10 g of flaxseed, 28 g of wheat bran, or 10 g of flaxseed plus 28 g of wheat bran/day. Serum samples collected during the mid-luteal phase of  the second menstrual cycle of each diet treatment were analyzed for serum hormones and sex hormone binding globulin. Urine samples collected during the same time period were analyzed for urinary lignan excretion.
Results: There were no changes in serum hormone concentrations or sex hormone binding globulin on any
of the treatments. Urinary lignan excretion significantly increased on diet treatments that included flaxseed, but inclusion of wheat bran did not significantly alter lignan excretion.
Conclusions: Urinary lignan excretion increased with flaxseed consumption, but serum hormones did not
change in this group of premenopausal women. Consumption of wheat bran with flaxseed did not alter urinary lignan excretion associated with flaxseed consumption. Author's Abstract.

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