Effects of flaxseed and defatted flaxseed meal on reproduction and development in rats

January 1, 2003 Human Health and Nutrition Data 0 Comments

Effects of flaxseed and defatted flaxseed meal on reproduction and development in rats

Year: 2003
Authors: Collins, T.F.X., Sprando, S.L., Black, T. N., Olejnik, N., Wiesenfeld, P.W., Babu, U.S., Bryant, M., et. al.
Publication Name: Food Chem. Toxicol.
Publication Details: Volume 41; Pages 819–834


Flaxseed, a rich source of reportedly beneficial n-3 fatty acid and phytoestrogens, has not been thoroughly tested for reproductive effects. High levels of flaxseed (FS, 20 or 40%) or defatted flaxseed meal (FLM, 13 or 26%) added to AIN-93 diet were evaluated in a two-phase study: dosed during gestation only or during gestation and maturation in a lifetime study. At cesarean section on gestation day 20, neither FSnor FLM affected fertility, body weight gain, litter size, or fetal development. FLM, but not FS, decreased gestation length. The offspring of dams allowed to litter were observed to postnatal day (PND) 21 or 90. Neither FS nor FLM affected PND 21 survival indices of F1 pups. FS(20 and 40%), but not FLM, increased the anogenital index (AGI) of F1 females at PND 21. The AGI of F1 males was not affected by either FS or FLM. FLM (13 and 26%), but not FS, delayed puberty in F1 males. Age and weight at the onset of puberty in females were not affected by FS or FLM. FS and FLM caused dose-related increases in the number of F1 females with irregular estrous cycles. During PND 21-90, F1 females fed 20% FS, 13% FLM, or 26% FLM gained more weight than the controls. FSand FLM decreased thymus/body weight and thymus/brain weight ratios in weanling F1 males and females. FS and FLM decreased liver/body weight and liver/brain weight ratios in weanling F1 females, and 26% FLM decreased the same two ratios in F1 males. In conclusion, FS did not affect fetal development but did affect indices of postnatal development such as the estrous cycle. Author's Abstract.

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