ISSR-Based Clustering of Cultivated Flax Germplasm is Statistically Correlated to Thousand Seed Mass

January 1, 2004 Human Health and Nutrition Data 0 Comments

ISSR-Based Clustering of Cultivated Flax Germplasm is Statistically Correlated to Thousand Seed Mass

Year: 2004
Authors: Wiesnerová, D., Wiesner, I.
Publication Name: Molecular Biotechnology
Publication Details: Volume 26; Number 3; Pages 207–214


Inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR)-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) polymorphism was generated to provide useful markers for assessment of genetic diversity within flax germplasm collections. We used nine previously selected anchored ISSR primers for fingerprinting of 53 flax cultivars or genotypes and obtained 62 scorable bands, from which 45 bands (72.6%) were polymorphic. An efficient separation of 53 flax accessions into four groups and eight subgroups was achieved using unweighted pair group method with arithmetic means (UPGMA) clustering procedure based on genetic similarity expressed by the Jaccard similarity coefficient (JSC). Clustering procedure within both groups and subgroups successfully produced smaller homogenous clusters, whereas clustering between the main four groups of flax accessions displayed only a continuous decrease of similarity with a weak clustering effect. Statistical significance of grouping and subgrouping within a cluster dendrogram was estimated by calculation of the error flag and cophenetic correlation parameter for each branch. Principal coordinates (PCO) analysis mostly confirmed the separation by UPGMA clustering. We observed a statistically significant correlation between the number of total vs polymorphic bands in ISSR patterns. A one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) test confirmed statistically significant differences in the average thousand seed mass (TSM) between eight subclusters of flax accessions from an ISSR-PCR-based UPGMA dendrogram, which indicate statistical correlation between flax ISSR polymorphism (the structure of ISSR-based clustering) TSM. Author's Abstract.

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