Dissociation of Calcium Soaps of Long-chain Fatty Acids in Rumen Fluid.

January 1, 1990 Animal Health and Feed Data 0 Comments

Dissociation of Calcium Soaps of Long-chain Fatty Acids in Rumen Fluid.

Year: 1990
Authors: Sukhjija, P.S., Palmquist, D.L.,
Publication Name: J.Dairy Sci.
Publication Details: Volume 73; Pages 1784-1787


Dissociation of 5% solutions of calcium soaps of soya, tallow, stearic acid, and palm fatty acid distillate was studied by titration with 1 N HCl. Release of calcium ions was directly correlated with decrease in pH value. Estimated pKa values were 5.6, 4.6, 4.5, and 4.5 for calcium soaps of soya, palm fatty acid distillate, tallow, and stearic acid, respectively.  Dissociation of 5% solutions in acetate buffer at pH values of 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5 was measured in terms of release of soluble calcium. Dissociation was maximum at pH 5.0, minimum at pH 6.5, and dependent on unsaturation of fatty acids in the soaps. Soluble calcium in the acetatebuffered rumen fluid was higher than predicted from pKa of calcium soaps, due to formation of soluble calcium acetate; however, the relative patterns were similar to their pKa values. Unsaturated soaps are less satisfactory for maintaining normal rumen function, because dissociation is relatively higher. Calcium soaps of palm fatty acid distillate were satisfactorily stable to pH 5.5.  Authors Abstract.

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