Enrichment of wheat chips with omega 3 fatty acid by flaxseed addition: Textural and some physicochemical properties

January 1, 2014 Human Health and Nutrition Data 0 Comments

Enrichment of wheat chips with omega 3 fatty acid by flaxseed addition: Textural and some physicochemical properties

Year: 2014
Authors: Yuksel, F. Karaman, S. Kayacier, A.
Publication Name: Food Chem.
Publication Details: Volume 145; Pages 910-917


In the present study, wheat chips enriched with flaxseed flour were produced and response surface methodology was used for the studying the simultaneous effects of flaxseed level (10 to 20 percent), frying temperature (160 to180 degree C) and frying time (40 to 60 s) on some physicochemical, textural and sensorial properties and fatty acid composition of wheat chips. Ridge analysis was conducted to determine the optimum levels of processing variables. Predictive regression equations with adequate coefficients of determination to explain the effect of processing variables were constructed. Addition of flaxseed flour increased the dry matter and protein content of samples and increase of frying temperature decreased the hardness values of wheat chips samples. Increment in flaxseed level provided an increase in unsaturated fatty acid content namely omega-3 fatty acids of wheat chips samples. Overall acceptability of  chips increased with the increase of frying temperature. Ridge analysis showed that maximum taste score would be at flaxseed level as 10percent, frying temperature of 180 degrees C and frying time of 50 s. (Authors abstract)
Wheat is a cereal which is grown in very high quantity in Turkey. The main aim of the present study was to enrich the wheat chips with flaxseed to produce a new snack food formulation for consumers and snack industry. Response surface methodology was used to determine the processing variables (flaxseed level, frying temperature and frying time) on the some physicochemical, textural and sensory properties of wheat chips and to optimise the formulation for the production of wheat chips enriched with flaxseed with high desirability and overall acceptability. The results of the present study showed that flaxseed flour with high amounts of total soluble and insoluble dietary fibre and omega 3 fatty acids, can be used in wheat chips. In general, addition of flaxseed flour affected the physicochemical, textural, fatty acid composition and sensorial properties of wheat chips. And also, frying temperature and frying time showed a significant effect on some studied parameters. Dry matter, protein, omega 3 fatty acid content and crispness values increased significantly with increasing flaxseed level in samples. Sensory properties improved with flaxseed content in the formulation and frying temperature showed a significant effect on the properties of chips samples. Increment in flaxseed flour level increased unsaturated fatty acid content in chips samples significantly. Response surface methodology was effectively used for modeling and optimisation of the parameters. (Editors comments)

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