Flowering time in oil flax can be influenced by microgametophytic selection

January 1, 2001 Plant Breeding and Agronomy Data 0 Comments

Flowering time in oil flax can be influenced by microgametophytic selection

Year: 2001
Authors: Lyakh, V., Soroka, A., Mishchenko, L.
Publication Name: Euphytica
Publication Details: Volume 118; Pages 237 – 242


The effect of selection for pollen competitive ability in F1 hybrids on days to flowering and some other morphological traits was studied in oil flax. Various intensity of selection on the rate of pollen tube growth was ensured by the change of the time intervals from pollination to the deletion of a part of the style. In the experimental variants the upper half of the style of F1 hybrids was cut off at 40, 60, and 120 minutes, in the control styles being native. It was shown that F2 population structure essentialy changed for some morphological traits in dependence of competition intensity between the microgametophytes. The percentage of early flowering genotypes increased with shortening the period from pollination till style excision. In the treatment where styles were cut off 40 min after pollination the frequency of early flowering plants was highest while the frequency of those plants in 120 min treatment approached the control. Moreover, some treatments considerably influenced the phenotypic ratio in the F2 population for such traits as petal colour and number of side shoots. It is concluded that a positive relationship exists between pollen competitive ability and early flowering in oil flax. The approach based on selection of fast growing pollen tubes that increases the frequency of early flowering plants could be used in oil flax breeding for early ripeness. Author’s Abstract.

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