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Flax at a glance:

  2017 2018 2019
Canadian Seeded Area (Acres) 1,045,000 856,800 937,100
Canadian Production (Tonnes) 555,100 492,400 577,000
Canadian Flaxseed Exports (Tonnes) 468,392 512,047  294,699 (Jan-Aug)
Canadian Flax Oil Exports (Tonnes) 2,059 1,965  1,303 (Jan-Aug)
Canadian Flax Meal Exports (Tonnes) 3,884 3,628 2,282 (Jan-Aug)
World Production (Tonnes) 2,605,000 2,646,000                   3,014,000
Source: Statistics Canada and Oil World

Election of the 2019-2020 Flax Council Executive Committee Members:

At their June 2019 meeting, the Flax Council of Canada board members elected the 2019-2020 Executive Committee members.  The 2019-2020 Executive is formed of:

Chairman: Erwin Hanley, Member at large

Vice Chairman: Chad Molesky (Viterra)

Finance Chair: Rob Dreger (O&T Farms)

Communications Chair: Eric Fridfinnson (MFGA)

Congratulations to the elected officers and thank you to the former Executive Committee members for their work and dedication over the past year. 

Information on the Canada-EU Flax Protocol:

On August 14, 2019, the Flax Council of Canada shared an information memo with Canadian flax traders regarding the importance of adhering to the Canada – EU Flax Protocol when exporting flaxseed to the European Union.  Through a series of testing and sampling, this protocol ensures that Canadian flax exported to Europe does not contain trace levels of CDC Triffid. CDC Triffid is a genetically modified flax variety that was never commercialized in Canada, but had been detected in the Canadian flax supply in low levels in 2009.  Since the protocol came into force in October 2009, all exports of Canadian flax to Europe must be in compliance and accompanied by a Letter of Analysis delivered by the Canadian Grain Commission, which certifies that the vessel is free of the CDC Triffid flax variety.  For more information, read the complete protocol on the Canadian Grain Commission website.

Update on China:

While Chinese authorities are exercising more scrutiny at the border, trade of flax to China continued over the past months. Trade volumes of seed are down approximately 28% from 2018 and 11% from 2017 for the period of January to August.

2017-2019 (Jan-Aug) Flax Exports to China
  2017 Jan-Aug 2018 Jan-Aug 2019 Jan-Aug
Volume (Tonnes) Value (C$) Volume (Tonnes) Value (C$) Volume (Tonnes) Value (C$)
Seed 188,909 $108,193,493 231,984 $129,140,784 168,039 $97,905,568
Oil 273 $1,009,997 102 $368,061 240 $880,551
Meal 44 $20,213
Combined Value $109,203,490 $129,529,058 $98,786,119

 Source: Statistics Canada

Flax Council of Canada represented at the Linseed Oil Alliance Conference:

The Flax Council of Canada participated at the China Linseed Oil Alliance Conference on October 14, 2019 in Lanzhou, China.  The conference was attended by over 100 Chinese flax buyers and processors.  FCC had an opportunity to connect with key Chinese flax industry representatives and gather intelligence on further market opportunities for Canadian flax in the Chinese market.  As the only foreign flax association represented, FCC promoted the quality of Canadian flax and presented our industry as a partner of choice in this highly competitive market.

Upcoming activities:

  • FCC to meet with representatives from the Japanese Flax Association – November 13, 2019, Tokyo, Japan
  • FCC Semi-Annual Board Meeting – Winnipeg, November 19, 2019
  • FCC to present and participate at the Chinese Nutrition and Health Industry Entrepreneurs Conference, November 20, 2019, in Hangzhou, China
  • FCC Market Access Committee Meeting – Winnipeg, December 12, 2019

To contact us:

400-167 Lombard Avenue Winnipeg, Canada, R3B 0T6

Phone: (204) 982-2115

Email: flaxcouncil@flaxcouncil.ca

Website: www.flaxcouncil.ca  

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